Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nature's Beauty

I was asked to post my little pond area, or as I call it "The Haven". Harold & Kyle dug the hole for this a few summers ago. We try and add a little bit each year because we are poor and can't do it all at once! My swing sits not too far away, so I am able to swing and listen to the water and look at the pretty flowers. I try and plant red flowers in memory of dear Mom Mom, purple for Thelma, and the angels for Pop Pop, Matthew and Jeff. I guess you could also say memory garden. The green wagon was my Mother's Day gift two years ago. We have koi, goldfish and a frog. This year we added a water iris, when it bloomed was beautiful purple! I want Harold, Kyle and Katressa to know that I really appreciate how you have helped do this for me. It is a perfect place for me to collect my thoughts (you all know how trying that can be for ALL)! I love you all very very much, I know that I should tell you all that more often!!!