Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother"s Day Memory

With Mother's Day just passing I wanted to make sure that I paid tribute to a wonderful Mother.

Cora Mae Killinger was my dear mother-in-law and a jewel of one at that. When I think about the many gifts that Cora gave to life one comes to me stronger than others and that is "sweetness". I can truly say she was one of the sweetest women that I have ever known in my lifetime. She had such a humble spirit, gentle and kind. For all of the years that I had been part of their family I can honestly say that I NEVER heard Cora say anything Bad about anyone! What a example of true holiness. Cora loved nature, traveling, most of all she loved her family! I remember so vivid when she had to sell their home and move to assisted living, I asked her if she was ok with the move, and I will never forget her answer to me, "it's just another chapter in my book"! What an attitude to have. I hope that Cora knew just how much that I loved her. She was a perfect example of what a mother-in-law should be. With mother's day approaching I knew that Harold was really suffering by his mother's absence on this special day, so I decided to set a dozen of beautiful two-toned red roses in the vestibule of our church in memory of his dear mother! He was so happy that her memory was being honored. Cora we all love and miss you .

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Biltmore Trip

My Mother had her 75th birthday in the month of April.
My sister Marsha & I decided that we should try and do
something a little "extra special" for this birthday so Marsha
gave some suggestions and we decided on taking Mom & Dad
to the Biltmore Estate for 2 nights and three days! I really felt bad that our youngest sister Angie couldn't go along so I decided we should take her along.
I found the best picture of her that I could find and put it on my fan (since I am Always hot) and we took her along with us. When we had some pictures taken of our family and group Angie was right there. We had a very nice time,we are so glad that we still have our parents with us. I can truly say that Mom & Dad are my BEST FRIENDS. I know for them that isn't easy I can be something else at times. I want them both to know that their girls love them very much, I know their grandchildren and great-grandchildren love them very much also.