Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Friends..Great Fun...

I am blessed with some very wonderful friends. I have two special friends that are co-workers of mine that I have become very close to and love. Last Christmas we went to Indianapolis and took a carriage ride, went to the circle, saw beautiful lights.. Well this year, Chuck took his dear sweet girlfriend and myself to The Story Inn. and my was it a wonderful evening.. They had a Victorian Christmas Dinner. The ladies were all dressed in their beautiful vintage gowns, they had a young man their playing Christmas carols on the keyboard, the dining room was all candlelight and the food was absolutely the greatest.. We had a wonderful time. It truly was like taking a step back in time. Thank you Chuck & Donna for letting me crash yet another date..

Monday, November 8, 2010


I can finally tell all my blogger friends my good news!!!!! I am going to be GRANNA again!!! I am so excited... Katressa & John are expecting again.. It was really hard for me not to say anything but now I have freedom of speech and want the world to know.. I already have three grandaughters and one grandson so I have put my order in for TWIN boys and that will even out the score.. I told John that if he didn't get a boy this time he's fired.. Truly I just want a healthy baby. It will be nice to have a new baby to focus on not sure yet the due date but will share that information as soon as I hear. Congratulations to John & Katressa.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Matthew James Morgan

Only fair to add some new photos os Mister Mister.. He was recently in his Mommy's wedding so I thought I'd steal some of these adorable pictures to share..

Olivia Marie

Just wanted to post some random pictures of Olivia Marie. She is so unique in many ways. Granna loves her so much just want to share with all my friends.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This weekend was the Hope Heritage Days and since Katressa & John only live 2 blocks away we slipped downtown numerous times. We decided that it would also be a good time to have another garage sale, and we done very well. We slipped downtown Friday night and listened to some great music and enjoyed looking at things and the girls got their faces painted. We went back again Sat. and the girls both got their faces painted like pink cheetahs, they looked adorable. I think I found out the REAL reason for them both getting cheetahs is because Olivia Marie was afraid of them... They were having a great time scaring her, isn't that just like BIG sisters..

We discovered that Olivia Marie definitley likes music. She was head banging to the Bettles Band...We had a great time at the festival, had lots of great food, got rid of LOTS of junk and now Granna is WORE OUT...Can't wait to crawl into bed.. Planning on attending the parade tomorrow....

Monday, September 20, 2010


Sending birthday wishes out to two of my favorite men... My wonderful Daddy (as I still call him) is celebrating 78 years of adventures today, and trust me some of those years were definitely adventures, and my precious grandson Matthew is turning 2 also on this day. I hope that I never forget that special day that he entered our lives, never thought that any feeling could surpass holding and meeting your own child, but I was wrong. Grandchildren are definitely great. Just want to let both of these guys know that I LOVE them so much and feel blessed that they are in my life. Happy Birthday Daddy & Matthew

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Special Little Ones

Just wanted to share a few more of the blessings in my life!!

Another First Time Event!!!!

Last weekend I was blessed with watching Matthew & Olivia Marie overnight Sat. and for part of Sunday. They were so good even though Matthew wasn't feeling the best, they played very well together.. I thought that it would be fun and really nothing to take them both to church with me. I never though it through..

I get them both ready and out to the car and buckled into their car seats and off we head to church.. I thought to myself this isn't so bad, so I look around to see how they are doing and Olivia Marie has somehow gotten her sweater off, both socks and was working on her headband.. I finally make it to church and decide to get Matthew out first beacause I knew that I had to almost redress Olivia. Well, Matthew decides that he want me to hold him and he starts to cry. I get Olivia back into shape and pick up Matthew, and then grab Olivia when I realize that I forgot to get the diaper bag from the front seat. I finally get all loaded up and into the church and it suddeny hit me like a ton of bricks that I was doing this alone, without my helper. I started crying and couldn't help myself. Randy Dunn was inside the door and quickly came to my rescue and helped me get into church.

Later while church is going on Matthew was playing with my keys that were hooked onto the diaper bad, and Randy Dunn slips up to me and says " Net your car alarm is going off", Matthew had hit the alarm button and unknown to me my horn was just a honkin...

Thanks to Mary Jane for watching Olivia Marie for me while I was watching Matthew. Between all of us it was a pretty good day.

Not sure when I will try that again but I'm sure I will and maybe be more together with it... I do love those grandkids....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mister Mister

Just wanted to show off our little handsome Mister Mister.. He looks so big and adorable I just had to steal this photo..

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Things!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that most of you know that I have had some major changes in my life recently. I know that I have been very torn by this change, I want to go on record that I am on the road to RECOVERY.. I know that I will still have days that are going to be hard and I am sure that I will shed more tears in the future but I AM going to be alright. I have a wonderful family that has been there for me and many many many friends have been there too. I didn't really know that I had so many friends.. I am also signing up to go to a support group which was a really hard thing for me to committ to, but I am serious about doing everything that I can to get back on with my life. Just want to say that I am doing better!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Branson Trip

Here are some pictures fromm my recent trip to Branson with John & Katressa and the girls. We really had a great time...

After we arrived in Branson and got settled in, we hit the streets. Our first stop was the Wax Museum. We all were having a good time especially John. I think he was having "too much fun" with Marilyn Monroe. He was sure looking her over (and up). Katressa had to drag him away from her..

We also went to the Titantic Replica. This was very intresting and sad. They give you a boarding pass with a passenger which you follow throughtout the tour and in the end you find out if you survive or perish. My passenger did in fact survive.

We also went to Sight and Sound and saw Noah, I have been to the one in Pennsylvania and saw Ruth but Noah was nothing more that amazing. With the 300ft. three sided stage the inside if the ark was beautiful. I really did enjoy the production.

All in all I had a great trip. It was nice to get away for a week. Thank you kids for letting Granna go along.......

Monday, June 21, 2010

One Year Old Today!!!

I totally remember where I was a year ago today. It was Father's Day and my daughter was giving her husband, John the greatest Father's Day gift that he could ever have. A beautiful baby girl that they named Olivia Marie... Marie is her granna's middle name, and I feel so honored that they gave it to her. I only hope that she likes it better than I did growing up. I was also given the privilege of being there when she was born, an experience I hope that I NEVER forget. That was such a beautiful day for this couple starting their own little family. I remember how special that time was for me when my children were born.

Olivia Marie has brought so much joy into our hearts and lives. She had a rough road at first with the scare of swine flu and then galatosemia but God answered our prayers. I want to thank God for this blessing that he has given our family

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia Marie Roberts we all love you!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleepover at Granna's

This was Katressa's weekend to work and we usually keep Olivia Marie overnight and take her to church. Now that my life has changed I wasn't sure if I could do this by myself, so I gave it a try. I had so much fun with her playing and giving her bath. She's not the greatest to sleep with but I managed. I found out that I CAN do this and will continue to keep her as often as I can. I love her so much. Also, my water iris was blooming this weekend and was beautiful.

My Children the Lumberjacks!!!

We have had this spruce tree in our yard for 26 years and it has been slowly dying. The park that we live in was suppose to cut it down for us but never had. Last week I came home from work and Kyle had been chopping away on that tree, he was using a 20pound splitting maul, after he got up so far he tied a rope around it and Katressa was on the other end to pull the rope as it was falling. I was a nervous wreck that it was going to land on the neigbors trailor, needless to say they did just fine...Never knew they had lumberjack blood in them..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life is GOOD

Last weekend I was able to get Mattthew and we had such a fun time. We went to the Relay-for-Life walk and spent some time and he was a ham. Then we went over to see cousin Olivia and they had a time playing together. Matthew would never take a pacifier when he was a baby but her sure had a time with Olivia's. Lauren gave Matthew a hair cut and Olivia finally has more hair than someone!! I love these babies they are my world and I thank God for then everyday.