Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Part 2

This was Olivia's first Easter and Katressa had to work so I volunteered to take Olivia Maire to church with us. She was adorable of course. Katressa & Kyle surprised me by having their Dad take their picture while I was inside. I guess that they knew that I would make them pose for me anyway. Olivia had so much fun that she stepped out of her diaper.

Easter 2010

We had to have our family Easter get together this past Sunday. We had a great time and my what fun. We had a wonderful meal and the grandkids enjoyed the egg hunt, Katressa & Kyle even played catch for a while until they both realized that they are neither one 16 anymore!!! I thank God so much for his blessings on our family. I think that even Great-Grandma & Grandpa had a good time.