Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blessed Assurance

As most of you know my life has taken a rather sudden change. With that change comes many feelings and emotions that are so overwhelming at times that you can not begin to describe let alone explain. I have spent many hours praying and asking God to help me accept this fate with grace & dignity and I feel that I am on this road with his help.

I have been struggling severely with trying to figure out what I am.. Sounds crazy I know, but I can't explain how this has been bothering me. I am not a Miss. and I am no longer a Mrs. so what does this make me.. I have been asking God to help me in this area because like I said it has really been a struggle for me.

As I was praying about this concern today and pouring my heart out to God, I felt Him so ever near me and whisper to me, "titles come and go but you are more importantly MY CHILD.. Well I think that being His child is MORE important than being a Miss. or a Mrs. I am so glad that He does care and understand ALL the things that are important to us..

We don't have to ask God to change our problems but to help us face our problems and rise above them.. I am so grateful how He has taken such great care of me these past ten months and I know that He will be there for me in the future...