Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never judge a book by it's cover.....

Funny how you see people that you have known for years and even had several conversations with them but when you get them in a different setting you find out they are "totally different from what you thought"... This became true tonight for me with some ladies from my church..

I received an invitation to a ladies get together of fun,food and games in the home of Miss. Janet Burton. She had also invited some other ladies from our church, and to be honest I almost didn't go, for the simple fact this was another "new chapter" of changes for me in my new single status. I really was toying with the idea whether to go or not, even while Kyle was driving me to Janet's house. So I go to the door shaking inside and tearing up a little when I was greeted at the door and walked inside..Well NOTHING could have prepared me for what I was about to embark upon..

Those women were CRAZY......... We enjoyed some very good food and conversation in general which wasn't too bad THEN they whipped out the GAMES and then THEY CHANGED.... Did I mention those women went CRAZY??

Gaye & Diane were hilarious, it was fun to see two christian sisters having so much fun with each other, Judy on the other hand was the life of the party and that is all I will say.. Rebekah was out of control, I NEVER knew that girl would be so funny and Janet what can I say except that if you EVER play games with Janet NEVER and I repeat NEVER wear your hair down, if you have any doubts just ask Diane she can tell you.. I never heard such hilarious things by just using 5 words in my life, Janet definitely has an active imagination.. I found the evening to be really nice and found myself sad it had to end.

Not only was it a night of laughter but also a time for sharing spiritual things with each other.. I found out "new things" are ok..

Thanks Janet for inviting me, I had a GREAT time..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Wishes

28 years ago today I was in room 206 at Columbus Regional Hospital getting ready to embark on a new adventure in my life.. Looking back now I was so unprepared and had no idea what I was doing. The only thing that I knew was that I couldn't wait to see if I was blessed with a boy or a girl..

The weather as I recall was cold and snowing. After our bundle of joy was born, I still remember how her Daddy took her over to the window and said "It's a cruel world out there", I also remember the nurse asking me what her name was to be and I proudly replied, Katressa Dawn Killinger, and the nurses response to that was "Good Lord, she will have to have a college degree to even spell her name.. Obviously, my nurse wasn't impressed, but I thought that was the most beautiful name that I had ever heard. (and I still do)...

From the day we brought our beautiful Katressa home, she slept all night. She always loved books and had a Sears catalog in her playpen that she would spend long periods of time just looking at the pictures..

It seems that time flew by and as no surprise to me, she turned into one sweet young lady that has many wonderful qualities. I hope that she knows just how much that I love her.. I want to thank her for being such a special daughter..

Happy Birthday Katressa..I love you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Finally John gets to have a son to carry on the Roberts name.. I'm so happy for him.. He so deserves having another man around that house of females.. Can't wait to see the "little man" hopefully in June.... Granna loves him already...........