Sunday, November 23, 2008

Did you say GRANDMA AGAIN!!!!!!

My My how life can change in no time at all. I stopped by Katressa's on 10/31/08 to see baby Matthew on his first Halloween. While I was there visting,Katressa pointed to a brown paper bag that was sitting on the coffee table. She said Mom I got you a Halloween treat.. I thought well how sweet was that. She then told me that I had to close my eyes and stick my hand into the bag to get my surprise.. I'm thinking to myself. it's halloween,time to play ucky tricks on people, I asked her if I would scream and her reply was "Oh, I'm quite sure you will", so I reluctantly put my hand into the bag and pull out my surprise,I pull out a baggie,turned the wrong way and a clipping from a magazine that says, "having John's baby"! I then turn the baggie over to see two pregnancy tests showing POSTIVE. Oh course being the quite person that I am I starting screaming a little and jumping up and down, then crying a few happy tears. Today was her first Dr. appointment, they are saying around June 30,2009 our new little bundle or bundles of joy will be here. I have put my order in for twin boys!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I just want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to two fellows that have been a very important part of my life!! Even though my guys have to share the limelight now with a wonderful son-in-law and a beautiful GRANDBABY, I hope that they know how much that I love them. Both of my birthday guys are celebrating milestones this year! No Harold is NOT 60!! Harold was born Nov.16,1954 and will turn 54 this year! (WOW Dorcas he IS older than you)! Kyle Andrew hits the big 21 this year. I can't believe that my beautiful 9lb. 6oz baby boy has finally made it to 21! I didn't think that I would live to see this come to pass!! I trust that you boys will both have great birthdays!!


Being a Grandma is "GREAT"! I am truly enjoying every minute. Funny thing even the title "Grandma" doen't bother me, prefer to be called Mamaw Nettie, however I do NOT and I reapeat do NOT like being called Grandma Killinger, even to me I don't feel that old! My cousin calls me this (on purpose) but with him I think it's a pay back thing, for me calling him Bobby Jean for years!! In a seriousness, I really don't care what Matthew ends up calling me. It's odd, but when others talked about how they loved being a grandparent, I truly couldn't imagine having that kind of love for any other than your own children but it is TRUE! I thank God for blessing me with the honor of being a grandparent. I know what kind of grandparent that I want to be, and with God's help I intend to be that grandma! I want Matthew to always see Jesus in me!