Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Amazed

It will be one year this Sunday that my life as I had known for 30 years took a drastic change. Ironic it was Mother's Day last year also. I have been so AMAZED at just how far that I have come in just this one year.

I realize that sometimes in life you just have NO choice in things that affect you, but how you accept those things do have an affect on your life as well as others. I have found that God has NEVER forsaken me, and has given me comfort at times when I thought my sorrow was unbearable, but I found that He is ALWAYS there and does stick closer than a brother..

I have so MANY things to thank God for in this past year. He has never let me be without a roof over my head (sometimes it has been a leaky roof but a roof none the same), I have NEVER went hungry (there have been time when Kyle asked me what we were going to have for dinner but we have never went without, but more than those things God has ALWAYS been there for me. Sleepless nights, special days and occasions ALWAYS there I am so thankful.

I have learned to be "more" cautious in believing what certain people say..

I just want to thank God for all His help and the help from my wonderful friends. I'm sure that my church family has gotten tired of seeing my cry at church but they have been right there for me and my wonderful Wal-Mart family too.. I love you all..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Easter Celebrating

I had such a wonderful Easter... I thought I would get the girls baby chicks for Easter this year just for fun.. (More fun for me than Katressa & John).They really have enjoyed them especially Olivia Marie.. She kept saying "baby chickens". They really do make lots of noise but they are so cute.. When they grow larger they are going to go live with Grandma Nancy in her chicken yard..

I was honored to have all my family with me in church Easter Sunday.. John looked rather dashing in his blue shirt and tie. Katressa looked beautiful all glowing of course the girls were adorable in their matching dresses, Kyle looked handsome in his suit and his beautiful Brittney at his side..

We had Easter lunch at John & Katressa and my what a feast we had.. Was so nice that John's grandfather and Nancy & Apple along with my Mom & Dad joining us. We had turkey (which was delicious) mashed potatoes, gravy, freezer corn, green bean casserole, broccoli salad, finger-jello, cheesecake,chocolate pie, carrot cake & chocolate cake and blackberry cobbler. I don't think that anyone left hungry. We did have a great time and it was so nice that we were all able to be together once again as family. I want them all to know that I love and appreciate them for all that they mean to me..