Monday, June 21, 2010

One Year Old Today!!!

I totally remember where I was a year ago today. It was Father's Day and my daughter was giving her husband, John the greatest Father's Day gift that he could ever have. A beautiful baby girl that they named Olivia Marie... Marie is her granna's middle name, and I feel so honored that they gave it to her. I only hope that she likes it better than I did growing up. I was also given the privilege of being there when she was born, an experience I hope that I NEVER forget. That was such a beautiful day for this couple starting their own little family. I remember how special that time was for me when my children were born.

Olivia Marie has brought so much joy into our hearts and lives. She had a rough road at first with the scare of swine flu and then galatosemia but God answered our prayers. I want to thank God for this blessing that he has given our family

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia Marie Roberts we all love you!!!