Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to ???

I want to take the time to wish my neice Denise a Happy **th Birthday. She was my first neice so that makes her a little special to me. It has been a joy to watch her grow from a cute little girl into a beautiful women. She is an awesome Mom and wife to her best friend. I knew from the first time I held her as a baby that she was special, little did I know that she would grow up to be a best friend to me. I want her to know that I love her very much and wish God's best for her and her sweet family.

Our Adorable Grandson Matthew

I guess I am tired of hearing that I should update my blog, I really think about it every Monday when I am off but I usually get sidetracked and it doesn't get done so I am really trying hard today to add something...and the important thing in our lives right now is precious Matthew. I am so glad that he is part of our family. I think it is so special how God allowed him to be born on his great-grandfather's birthday and his name sake Matthew. He is such a joy. I never dreamed that being a grandma could be so much fun. He gets to spend almost every evening with us while Mommy works second shift. Lauren lets him stay with us overnight on Sundays and then I can watch him on Monday! He is changing everyday. He is slowly rolling over, jabbering up a storm. and LOVES to watch the computer with his Grandpa Harold. He is really a very good little baby, I'm not sure they realize just how good that he is. It will be intresting to see how our new grandbaby will be.. I guess I have bragged enough for this post but I will be sure and do this again soon!!

Snow '09

I guess we all got a taste of Indiana weather a couple days ago! Wish we were in the lucky group going to Florida! Maybe next year though. It makes me appreciate that I dont live in New York, where they get a lot of snow! I dont think that I am cut out for it! I am DEFINITLY ready for spring. We've had Christmas, We've had snow, now its time for spring! All in all we had 9-14 inches depending on where you were. There was a lot of people stranded. No one could really get around unles you had four wheel drive, even then they had a hard time! Harold took pictures and ended up finding a bear coming out of hibernation. Lol. Stay tuned if you live in Indiana we might be in tornando season tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tidings Of Comfort & JOY!!!

I know that Christmas is over and we are starting a New Year, so it just seems approporiate to share tidings of Good News ! Most of our friends & family have been aware that Harold has been without a job since August and his unemployment has ran out as of this past week, I am pleased to report that Harold started to work on Friday Jan.2nd. Praise the Lord! Don't tell me that God doesn't care, and that his timing isn't perfect, because I know better. I firmly believe that God had a hand in Harold getting this job. There were 3 positions available and 175 resumes to chose from I know that is was just God. Once again my faith has been restored and I fully know that God does know what is best for us. Thank you to all that prayed for us during our time of need. Once again thank you God!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Special Birthday Girl

Today is the birhday of Makenzie Lynn Johnson!!! She turns six! What a milestone! I can't believe how much she's changed. She was only six months old when she first came into our lives! She was her dad's pride and joy. Their birthday's were only 1 day apart. Jeff would've been 28 as of yesterday. We are all sad that he's gone, but we are so glad that we have Makenzie in our lives. We hope she has a happy birthday and hope she knows that we love her.

Christmas Day 2008

We spent Christmas Eve at Katressa and Johns so that we could be there for the girls to open their presents. Couldn't resist getting a picture of my three musketeers! Aren't they adorable? Katressa had to work Christmas day until three in the afternoon so we had to have a later Christmas, which was out of the norm. We started by having a new tradition, finding the PICKLE!!(a German legend) Kyle ended up finding it. He said " I see it, i see it." Just like a kid, but it so happened that John was in the way and he couldn't get to it. I wonder if John did that on purpose? (I wonder). For a long while there, we couldn't find Annie. We found her when she came out of under the wrapping! We enjoyed opening presents, being with family, and eating good food! Matthew had fun with his bath and of course i had fun giving it to him. We thank God for a nice holiday and for letting us all be together.