Monday, September 22, 2008


I must make a correction on Matthew James Morgan Killinger's weight. We didn't have a big baby we had a baby giant. Matthew weighed 9lbs. 15 oz.

What a difference a day makes. We can already see changes in our little captain! I was able to stay the night Sat. and I am glad that I did. Lauren was still in quite a bit of pain and not able to get up so I was able to have some special bonding time with Matthew. Grandpa stayed last night to help out and I guess Matthew had a rough night. They found out that he has jaundice. Dr. Matthew's came in today and told Harold & Lauren not only was this the hardest c-section but also the hardest birth that he has had in his career. We are so thankful they both are doing well. Well I will guess I will force myself to post a few pictures for you to all enjoy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally a Name!!!!

Well Baby does now officially have a name.. As some of you know 9/20th is Kyle's grandfather's birthday, also would have been Harold's grandmother's b-day and also our dear nephew Matthew, that in itself is special to our family .
Lauren & Kyle picked Matthew James Morgan Killinger as baby's name so the name is special to us also. James is also Harold's brothers name..

Baby is here!!

Finally at LAST we have a BIG BABY BOY!! Still don't know the name as of yet, but our wonderful bundle of joy weighed in at 9lbs. 7oz. 21 3/4" long lots of dark hair. He has to stay in the NINU unit for a while for observation. Dr. Williams said it was the hardest C-section he had done in 16 years. His head measured 15" and his shoulders were 15 1/2" he has a bruise on his left ear, a cut on his foot but we think he is definitely a keeper. Thank you all for praying for us today.


After all day of waiting they are finally going to do a C-section so keep Lauren in your prayers

Just Waiting

Lauren went to the Dr. yesterday Friday and the plan was to induce her at 9.00 Sat. morning but around 2:30 she decided to go on her own. We arrived here around 3:30 so we just waiting. She is at 5 1/2. I went downstairs for a minute to use the phone and I saw this lady like laid, down in the entrance and then she tried to get up and then down she went again, and laid on her back, they couldn't even find her a wheelchair.I went back upstairs and Harold went out to get the computer and he got there in time to see them clean up the baby. I asked the nurse if she was going to charge them for a room and she just laughed. So anyway we are here waiting, just waiting I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

COMING UP SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it is really all going to happen!! I hope by this time next week I am Grandma Nettie, and then it is off to Tennessee to get me a son-in-law. I can't believe it is almost time for all these wonderful things to happen. Watch out then bloggers because I WILL have things to blog about..
Lauren's due date is the 17th and the Dr. told her that if she hasn't gone by then he will help her out.. I can't wait!! I just hope he like me right off.. Kyle said I will be called Grandma I just think Grandma Killinger sounds sooo old don't you ? Grandma Nettie has a better sound to it! We are looking forward to out trip to Tenn. We have some things planned to do while we are there. I promise you I will NOT be playing golf like John. (why would anyone do that anyway talk about OLD)! We plan to leave 24th and come home on 29th then looking forward to seeing family from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at the reception on October 4th. I will be praying for safe travel for everyone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Thelma!

Just wanted to take the time to remember a loved one that would be having a birthday today if Jesus hadn't called her home!! Thelma Grace Killinger we would love to still have you here with us, but we know that you are having a wonderful time in heaven with Mom & Pop and Matt.. We miss you! Happy Birthday!