Friday, February 26, 2010

New Hobby

I was asked to help our team at work get involved in a fundraiser for the local food pantries. The food pantries are such a good cause and we see the need growing larger every week in the Franklin area, so like a good girl I volunteered. Team Wal-Mart met Saturday Feb. 20th at the Fair Oaks Mall in Columbus and we started getting ready to build our sculpture. I was the first person from our team to show up at the old Goodys store and drew our number where our creation would be built. The first team drew #7 which was way down the mall towards the end. I figured I would draw #8 or #1 which was clear down the opposite way, when I drew our number I pulled #3 and we were right in front of the Goodys store opening. I was so glad that we didn't have to haul our canned items all the way through the mall. We started building at 10:00 and was finished at 3:00. I think the team did a very good job for our first time. Our Eygptian Sphinx has the total of 3010 cans. I'm sure that we won't win People's Choice but we had agreat time anyway. Getting ideas for next years event.