Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Right Place at the Right Time....

This past Wednesday, I was on my way to work and I thought that my car was making a strange sound on the passenger side by the back wheel. I had noticed a little sound the night before on my way home around 10:00, but I had forgotten all about it by the next morning. I pulled over 3 times and checked the back tire but couldn't see anything, I drove on a little further and it just sounded worse and I decided that I should stop, so I get out of the car not really knowing what I am looking for, and started immediately worrying about what to do, I then hear a truck honking its horn and see this little black pickup pulling up behind me and waving and I thought " Oh great I've got some redneck weirdo stopping to pick me up (ha) and it turns out to be dear Duane Lewis to my rescue... He says Nettie what do you think your doing? I replied "I haven't a clue" so he checks out my car and then he proceeds to tell me what he thinks it might be. He asked me to drive slow and follow him, so I do and he takes my car to his place and gives me the keys to his other vehicle and tells me to go on to work and he will fix my car and try to have it ready for me when I get off. He happened to be off that day so he ends up fixing my car and brings it to work for me. I really believe that Duane was meant to be there at that exact time.. He even had to go to Greenwood to get the part that was needed. Another interesting thing he got my car finished at 3:10 and still had time to go have his radiation treatment.. God so cares about the things in our life, so it looks like I owe someone dinner at Red Lobster.....


Jenny said...

And people think it's luck...

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